About YourStory DEVPORT Contest

YourStory in association with Nokia presents Nokia X DEVPORT - an exciting opportunity for app developers to reach out to new markets and open up additional revenue streams. If you are an Android™ developer, and you’d like to port your existing Android™ apps to the Nokia X Software Platform, then DEVPORT is for you. This contest is open for all app developers - individuals, startups and students. Port your Android apps on to Nokia X store and win devices, credits, store highlights and more. Every month winners will be selected and announced across each category, so start porting your apps now!


Marketing Support

Exclusive promotion slots and Store highlights for the best apps

Nokia In-App Payment

Nokia In-App Payment combines the effectiveness of operator billing


For every app you port, you will receive special XP points from the DEVPORT contest

Developer Offers

Nokia X provides a set of free valuable mobile development tools for all developers

Publish your apps in 3 simple steps

Test compatibility

Step 1 - Your android app probably works already. Nokia testing has shown that ~75% of all existing Android apps will run as is on Nokia X without any required code changes
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Port your apps to Nokia X

STEP 2: In case if you are using maps, in-app payment, or notifications features, you’ll need to use the equivalent Nokia libraries:
> Here Maps > Nokia Notifications > Nokia In-App Payment
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Try Remote Device Access & Publish

Step 3: Test online and see how your app looks like on a NokiaX device and Publish
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